What Does a Physician Recruiter Do and Why Should You Use One?

General Overview

Physician recruiters are human resource specialists who support healthcare employers and physicians by serving as a liaison between the two parties to successfully fill a vacant position at a healthcare facility. Their goal is to maintain momentum in the job search process by keeping lines of communication open and following up with both parties to ensure a smooth transition into the new practice.

Types of Recruiters:

  • Retained – third-party staffing agency hired by the employer and compensated for the search in advance of a candidate being sourced.
  • Contingent – an unexclusive staffing agency that can offer a broad range of options since they are not tied to any single medical entity.
  • In-House – a full-time employee of a healthcare organization that hires exclusively for their employer.

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How Physician Recruiters Help Physicians

Job searches can be daunting for anyone on the hunt. Recruiters allow you to navigate the process much more easily and efficiently. They begin by connecting with you to determine your personal goals such as salary range, location, and other amenities or dealbreakers to consider. Search firms are able to reference their vast network of employers and typically have connections to lesser-known opportunities, possessing access to potentially competitive jobs before they are even posted. Beyond helping to locate a suitable position, recruiters can assist with interview preparation, site visits, follow-ups, and resources for contract negotiation. All of this invaluable assistance comes at absolutely no cost to the physician.

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How Physician Recruiters Help Healthcare Employers

In accordance with the needs and goals of the employer, recruiters conduct initial interviews to determine candidate viability for placement. From there, they will craft the position description, strategically market the opening, prescreen applicants, conduct interviews, provide helpful information in advance of meeting any candidate, act as mediator during negotiations, and keep the overall search process on track. These services are especially helpful if a practice is urgently needing to backfill a position, if a job has been vacant for a prolonged amount of time, or if a company simply needs to keep apprised of the top talent in certain markets.

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