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SJA is invested in building partnerships to form career connections that enrich the lives of the physicians and communities we serve. Our track record of success speaks for itself because we know that it’s not just about another job. It’s about your life.

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The best part of our job is the relationships we get to build with our clients. Celebrating their happiness and success is our biggest motivation.

I am writing in praise of Krystal Vincent. I met Krystal by accident during a time when I was searching for a job and feeling frustrated. Krystal listened to me and focused on what I needed. She analyzed each opportunity, presented the pros and cons, and talked things through with me. Thanks to Krystal I found a great job, and I never would have looked closely at it without her research and advice. She was always available, even during her daughter’s softball game, and seemed as invested in my job search as I was! I am so lucky I met Krystal, and I found what I was looking for thanks to her. Krystal will have great success in whatever she decides to do; she has my support, my thanks, and my highest recommendation.

M McAfee

Working with Krystal has been amazing. I cannot begin to describe the immense value from the peace of mind I have knowing that somebody is on top of my job search while I am dealing with the craziness that entitle being a Chief Resident in a Surgical Residency. Krystal is always in the search for new available positions, updates me on a weekly basis of the status of things and simply constantly keeps me in the loop. She also stays on top of active postings from which we have already either had phone interviews, or some form of communication, and makes sure they follow through with the onsite visit/interview. This is priceless because it can be a very tedious job specially attempting to coordinate between multiple surgeons’ schedules. It really has been an invaluable experience and I would recommend not only St. John Associates but Krystal Vincent to anyone with my eyes closed. I have already referred one of my med school classmates to her for search in a position and neurology and will continue to send people her way. I’m very thankful for all her hard-work and the extensive amount of time she has put into helping me in my career.

V Vila

It’s been quite a Monday already, thanks for thinking of me! I don’t know what the “secret sauce” is at SJA, but all of you should bottle and sell it! I have shared with Joe, Caryl and Dan countless times, how it is an absolute joy to work with all of you. If I need additional muscle on a challenge, SJA is my first call! To those I have referred to our client hospitals for community based recruitment support, thanks for making me shine a little brighter…they brag about their “SJA experience” too! If I am ever in town, I am stopping by…count on it! Have an amazing week and thanks again for the “pick me up!”

C Ash

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