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SJA is invested in building partnerships to form career connections that enrich the lives of the physicians and communities we serve. Our track record of success speaks for itself because we know that it’s not just about another job. It’s about your life.

Why Choose SJA

SJA Is Experienced

We measure success by helping physicians find their future with a role that fits their whole life. We understand the dynamics of both the job requirements and the market realities of the locations we serve, offering a more meaningful and lasting career connection. Our seasoned professionals offer expert guidance based on a foundation of listening. With countless testimonials, you can trust that we will be your partner in this process not just for your next job, but for your entire career.

SJA Listens

We provide a deep understanding of both the candidates we work with and the positions offered. Our interview process is second-to-none, giving us meaningful insights into your motivations, expertise, and personality. Leading every interview process with listening first, we know that you are about more than your CV. Digging deep into your specific needs, we make sure we are making the right connections. This isn’t just a job. This is your future.

SJA Is Trusted

Trust is the cornerstone of our success. We are honored to come alongside physicians across the country to help them find their future. We have been successful in doing that since 1991 because we are invested in building meaningful relationships that includes a continuity of service and a fierce protection of your privacy.

SJA Gets Results

Time is a precious commodity. Our goal is to provide high quality service with efficiency because your time matters to us. Our understanding of the process is based on years of experience using a proven targeted and specialized approach. We get results because we know how to make meaningful connections that meet your needs.

Meet Our Team

We are a cohesive, diverse group of individuals who share a common passion to help others achieve their goals. We are relationship based, not transaction-based and therefore, we have longevity. Our employees average 10 years on the SJA team. The same person you speak with one year will likely be at SJA the next year. We look forward to getting to know you.

Our Team

Company Profile

After 30 years, St. John Associates continues to be the national leader in physician recruiting because we are intensely committed to serving both the needs of medical practices and physicians.

We stand out in the industry because of our knowledge of the market, our efficiency in communication and mediation, our integrity and our sincere passion for delivering the highest quality of service.

We care about our clients.

We pride ourselves on being a very important part of the medical industry, bringing together employers and physicians that fit well and enable a stellar product to be offered to patients. We pride ourselves on being the very best at what we do, knowing our clients are well served.

Our drive for excellence starts from the top with skilled and experienced leadership. From inception, the vision of St. John Associates’ leadership has been to offer the medical field a recruiting service that stands above every other firm. We remain committed to that vision and offer stellar expertise with a genuine heart for the customers we serve. To achieve that vision, our consultants are some of the best-trained in the field and we are continually reinvesting in education to ensure we always deliver the best service.

Welcome to St. John Associates!


Contact us today to learn how SJA can partner with you to help you build a meaningful career that has lasting impact.

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Contact us today to learn how SJA can help you find the right physician that will bring long-term value to your practice.

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