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David St. John

Cardiology Consultant

I have worked exclusively in the Medical field for over 35 years. As a recruiter, it always brings great personal satisfaction to apply my professional skills in finding the best career opportunity for each valued candidate. When I’m not talking with Cardiologists, I enjoy visiting National Parks with my family.
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“Truly appreciate you [David], I’m just so happy our paths crossed. You have no idea how helpful you’ve been and how you’ve been the only recruiter I’ve ever met to even care to help someone, so thank you!”

Ivy-League Trained Cardiothoracic Surgeon

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Frustrated physician who is stressed because they waited too long to begin their job search
So You Waited Too Long to Start Your Job Search – Now What?
Cardiologist at their job at a hospital or healthcare facility
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Elevate Your Cardiology Career

For over 30 years, our contingency recruiting firm has helped physicians unlock the full potential of their Cardiology careers at no cost to them.

Whether you are a practicing physician or preparing to leave fellowship, we understand that finding the right position is about more than just work. We are passionate about building lasting partnerships to create physician career connections for life. Learn how we can help you to achieve your career goals:

The SJA Process


Anesthesiologist working at an anesthesiology job with a healthcare system, private practice, or hospital

We know job searches can be overwhelming,

so our team of expert recruiters is dedicated to assisting you every step of the way.

Our resources and expertise provide the guidance and support you need to achieve your career goals. With a vast network of healthcare organizations including community hospitals, academic medical centers, and private practices across the United States, we can connect you with top-tier job opportunities that align with your unique skills, experience, and personal preferences to find the perfect Cardiology job.

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