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With 31 years of experience in physician recruiting, you can rely on St. John Associates to find the best job to move your career forward.

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Contact us today to learn how SJA can partner with you. Our physician recruiters will help you find a job to build a meaningful career with lasting impact.

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Contact us today to partner with SJA to help you fill your physician searches. Our physician recruiters will find candidates to bring you long-term value.

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SJA creates trusted relationships between the physicians and medical practices we serve. Our targeted approach, thorough understanding of physician recruitment, and passion for building strong healthcare networks informs our physician recruiting process. We recognize success is about more than filling an open job; it’s about helping people pursue fulfilling lives in meaningful careers, bringing long-term value to the people and communities they serve. We listen to your unique needs first and advise second, keeping the focus of your search on you.

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The best part of our job is building relationships with our clients. Celebrating their happiness and success is our biggest motivation.

In my opinion, Caryl Bowers has been the single greatest resource I had in the process of looking for spine surgery positions across the country. Not only was she incredibly knowledgeable about different practice arrangements across the country, she took great time to get to know me personally to be sure my goals aligned with available career opportunities. I would offer my absolute highest recommendation to any physician looking for the best job on the market to speak with her!

S. Francois

I really appreciate the help you’ve given me in my job search. From our first phone call, I was struck by how you took the time to really listen to my wish-list in a job. It was how you knew which jobs were perfect for me before I even knew. The job search process can be confusing for a first-timer and I’m glad to have had you there to help me navigate. I will definitely be recommending you to anyone I know who is looking for a new job!

S Jiang

It’s been quite a Monday already, thanks for thinking of me! I don’t know what the “secret sauce” is at SJA, but all of you should bottle and sell it! I have shared with Caryl countless times, how it is an absolute joy to work with you. If I need additional muscle on a challenge, SJA is my first call! To those I have referred to our client hospitals for community-based recruitment support, thanks for making me shine a little brighter…they brag about their “SJA experience” too! If I am ever in town, I am stopping by…count on it! Have an amazing week and thanks again for the “pick me up!”

C Ash

In 2000, after 25 years of private practice, I decided to start a group orthopedic practice. I bought some land, built some office buildings, and started recruiting. Initially, I recruited via ads in trade journals and on orthopedic web sites. That was a painfully slow process. Interested inquiries were few and far between. I had to interview ten to fifteen candidates before finding someone who might be a keeper. Then in 2008, I found St. John Associates and began using them as my exclusive recruiter. That was the end of my recruiting woes. As soon as I let the recruiters at St. John know I am looking for a new member of my group and let them know what fellowship training I am looking for, the CVs start arriving. The candidates they present for consideration are well trained, personable and are interested in living in my area of the country. Over the past ten years I have found three of the current seven orthopedic surgeons in the group through St. John Associates. I am currently working on recruiting a spine fellow, a total joint fellow, and a foot and ankle fellow, all referred to me by St. John.

St. John Associates are truly interested in the welfare and success of their clients. They are well organized, thorough in their research, efficient and focused on the objective. I recommend them without reservation to anyone looking to fill a vacancy or add to their numbers.

S Combs

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