Why Use a Contingency Recruiting Firm?

Contingency Recruitment

St. John Associates has maintained our structure as a contingency physician recruiting firm for 30 years. We believe this relationship with our clients allows for the best possible outcomes for their needs. By working on a contingency agreement, we put our clients first.


Benefits to Using a Contingency Firm

You only pay if you successfully hire a physician through our referral: You do not owe a retainer or upfront fee for our recruiting efforts and services. You only pay a flat fee when you have offered a contract to a physician candidate and they have signed the agreement.

We take on the recruiting costs: We develop a strategy to find the best physician for you and conduct a nationwide search to find the physician who will be the best fit. All of the costs for advertising your job are taken off your plate. Unless you hire a physician candidate who we have presented to you, you don’t owe us anything.

You reduce your opportunity costs: The typical hiring process take a long time. While you conduct your search, you are incurring lost revenue or the inability to grow your practice. Because we work on a contingent basis, we are motivated to quickly find the best match for you.


Contingent Search Process and What You Can Expect

At St. John Associates, our experienced consultants work as contractors. Our process is structured so that we are paid only if you are able to achieve your strategic hiring goal.

Over our 30 years we have developed a workflow to quickly source candidates for our clients. By following the workflow below, we efficiently address your hiring needs:

  • The client provides a job description to the consultant in the specialty area they are looking to hire.
  • The client and consultant sign a fee agreement and guarantee.
  • The consultant begins contacting physician candidates that would be a strong match for the open position.
  • The consultant obtains the physician candidate’s permission to submit to the client.
  • The client selects physician candidates to interview.
  • The client makes an offer of employment to a physician candidate.
  • Upon a signed acceptance by the physician candidate, the client pays SJA the agreed upon fee.


St. John Associates and Why We Stand Out

We stand apart because we partner with you as a consulting firm, not just a physician recruiting firm. In addition to sourcing the physician talent to meet your existing needs, we develop an understanding of your growth objectives and deploy a best-in-class recruiting solution to meet your practice’s long-term goals. We build trusted relationships through honest communication, expertise, and unparalleled service to make thoughtful, long-term matches between physicians and medical practices nationwide. Our goal is to be long-term partners with your organization, so we are the first place you turn when you need additional physician talent.


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