Visa Information For Employers

It is our privilege to work with internationally-trained physicians across our medical specialties. We are well informed with the medical licensing and certification process these physicians complete prior to entering residency or fellowship programs in the United States. We understand the steps our clients take to sponsor internationally-trained physicians and can bridge the gap as needed. We are on your team. We look forward to helping you secure these outstanding, driven physicians.

Employers willing and able to be proactive in supporting visas and green cards will have the opportunity to attract some of the top physicians in the country.

Advantages of Hiring Visa Candidates

  • These physicians are more likely to choose much needed primary care specialties like family medicine, internal medicine and pediatrics.

  • Studies show that these physicians are more likely to relocate than U.S. citizen physicians.

  • Many have exceptional credentials. Not only have they excelled at residency or fellowship training in the U.S., they often have extensive experience and training in their home countries.

Let Us Help You

  • We have a vast knowledge of waiver programs and can help you navigate the hiring process.

  • We extensively interview our candidates to ensure their interests and skills align with your practice needs.

  • We are working with visa candidates who are scheduling interviews now.

  • Our singular focus is helping to match the right physicians with the right practice.

  • Click here to learn more about our process.

Contact us today to learn how SJA can help you find the right physician that will bring long-term value to your practice.

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The best part of our job is the relationships we get to build with our clients. Celebrating their happiness and success is our biggest motivation.

The team at St. John Associates has always been wonderful to work with. They are professional, courteous and always go the extra distance to help us identify and source the best talent. The recruitment professionals at St. John Associates always send high quality candidates that meet our expectations for each search. It is always a pleasure to work with the St. John Associates team!

J S Roberson

It’s been quite a Monday already, thanks for thinking of me! I don’t know what the “secret sauce” is at SJA, but all of you should bottle and sell it! I have shared with Caryl countless times, how it is an absolute joy to work with you. If I need additional muscle on a challenge, SJA is my first call! To those I have referred to our client hospitals for community-based recruitment support, thanks for making me shine a little brighter…they brag about their “SJA experience” too! If I am ever in town, I am stopping by…count on it! Have an amazing week and thanks again for the “pick me up!”

C Ash

I have worked with St. John Associates for well over 18 years. In this time period, they have placed me twice successfully. I have worked with two very competent individuals over these years. They have also helped me recruit cardiologists to my practices over the years.

The current specialist that I still work with for my practice has always been responsible, available, affable and effective.

I highly recommend St. John Associates for any physician’s or organization’s placement needs.

R Penmetsa

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