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A hospital physician is asking a physician recruiting company crucial questions before hiring a candidate
Questions You Should Ask Your Recruiter
A medical hiring committee interviewing a physician visa candidate
Why Hospitals and Practices Should Hire IMGs
A hospital that will be the host of a site visit for a physician candidate who will potentially join as an employee
How to Prepare for a Candidate’s Site Visit


“The Team at St. John Associates has always been wonderful to work with. They are professional, courteous, and always go the extra distance to help us identify and source the best talent. The recruitment professionals always send high quality candidates that meet our expectations for each search. It is always a pleasure to work with the SJA team!”
J.S. Roberson


“It is an absolute joy to work with you. If i need additional muscle on a challenge, SJA is my first call! To those I have referred to our client hospitals for community-based recruitment support, thanks for making me shine a little brighter… they brag about their ‘SJA experience’ too!”

C. Ash

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