Placement Stories: You Never Know if You Don't Ask

In the pursuit of a fulfilling career physicians often face unique challenges. For one Endocrinologist, the desire to be part of a community with a significant Spanish-speaking population added an extra layer of complexity. Many opportunities for Endocrinologists, especially those seeking J1 visas, are situated in rural areas where such communities may be scarce. As a recruiter, my task was to bridge this gap, presenting options that aligned with their aspirations.

Despite sharing opportunities in various regions with supportive statistics indicating Spanish-speaking populations, none of the options resonated with them. They meticulously explored every Endocrinology job on our website, focusing on states where they could envisage both professional comfort and community connection.

One specific job caught their attention in Florida, a state known for its diverse communities. Though I was initially skeptical about its compatibility with visa candidates, my positive working relationship with the Medical Director proved to be pivotal; upon inquiry, they were willing to navigate the visa application process to make it work.

The most challenging phase of this journey was the waiting period that followed the group’s decision to hire the physician. The visa application and approval process is a time-consuming ordeal, marked by few updates. It demands patience and a steadfast belief in a positive outcome.

What made this experience unique was the genuine collaboration between the physician, the provider group, and myself. While the job search process can often feel one-sided, this instance exemplified true teamwork. The physician clearly communicated their community preferences, the provider group accommodated visa requirements, and I facilitated this collaborative effort.

One invaluable lesson from this experience is the importance of staying open-minded. The visa process can easily become narrow and restrictive due to limited options, but this journey emphasized the significance of asking questions, even when met with uncertainty. 

This story serves as a reminder to physicians and recruiters alike: you never know if you don’t ask. The willingness to explore unconventional avenues can lead to unexpected solutions, making the seemingly complex visa process a pathway to professional fulfillment and community connection.


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About Consultant Drew Bratton

Drew Bratton, Physician Recruiter for Endocrinology, Family & Internal Medicine, Hematology/Oncology, Psychiatry, obstetrics and gynecology, Radiology, Rheumatology at St. John AssociatesDrew Bratton specializes in recruiting physicians for Endocrinology, Hematology, Oncology, Psychiatry, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Radiology, Rheumatology, and is one half of our outstanding Family and Internal Medicine consulting team.

“The bulk of my career has been focused on connecting people, which is why I love working at SJA. I am fortunate to work with amazing physicians and help them navigate the next steps of their careers.”




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