Tips for Fitting Job Interviews Into Your Busy Physician Schedule

a physician being interviewed for a job at a medical facility

With patient care responsibilities, administrative tasks, and personal commitments, it can feel overwhelming to add job interviews to your already packed physician schedule; however, with some strategic planning and time management techniques, it is possible to successfully navigate the interview process while maintaining your professional and personal obligations. Here are some tips to help you fit job interviews into your busy schedule:

Search for Gaps in Your Schedule

Map out your schedule and identify any periods of potential downtime where you could potentially schedule job interviews. Prioritize these time slots and block them off in your calendar in advance so you have dedicated time to interview.

Utilize Virtual Interview Options

Many employers now offer virtual interviews as an alternative to in-person meetings because it allows them to not only interview more candidates but also increase their potential to find high-quality candidates. Take advantage of these options to conduct interviews from the comfort of your home or office, saving time on travel and allowing for greater flexibility in scheduling. This could also free you up to conduct interviews during lunch breaks, around clinic hours, or other pockets of time if you’re really strapped for opportunities.


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Maximize How You Use Your Interview Time

Make the most of your available time by scheduling multiple interviews on the same day or during the same week. This will minimize disruptions to your schedule and allow you to stay in the groove of interview preparation and subsequent follow-up.

Delegate Tasks to Others When Possible

If you’re still finding yourself short on time, don’t be afraid to ask for help from those around you. Delegate any tasks you can to support staff or those who support you in your personal life.

Communicate Your Scheduling Challenges with Potential Employers

Be transparent with interviewers about your schedule constraints and availability while acknowledging their time is valuable and that they are a priority to you. They will understand the demands of your work and will put forth the effort to find mutually convenient interview opportunities.


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