Checklist to Help Prepare for Onsite Physician Interview


Heading to an onsite interview with a potential hospital or private practice employer? You don’t want to arrive and realize you’ve forgotten to prepare something important or to bring something you should have with you when meeting potential colleagues. Preparation is a large part of a successful physician interview – review this checklist to ensure you’re ready to tackle your onsite experience with full confidence:

__ A general packing checklist (many can be found online and the last thing you want to forget is something like your phone charger)

__ The schedule/agenda for the duration of your stay

__ Airline ticket confirmation

__ Rental car confirmation

__ Hotel address and phone number

__ Directions on where to go upon arrival at airport or hotel

__ Directions to your first interview meeting

__ Phone numbers and names for your contact(s)

__ A nice binder/case/folder containing: 

__ Extra copies of your CV

__ List of references and/or letters of reference

__ Other specifically requested documentation

__ Notepad to take notes during the interview 

__ Physician interview questions to prepare to be asked

__ Questions you should prepare to ask your interviewer about the practice 

__ Professional attire for the site visit and physician interview

__ Business casual attire for dinner or any other offsite gathering

In addition to this list, remember to be fully present and gracious during the entire process, no matter who you encounter. Keep your cell phone silenced and put away during interactions and thank everyone you meet for their time. Coupled with your thoughtful preparation, you’re sure to make an impression that will place you at the top of their candidate rankings.

Need more tips to prepare for a physician interview? Our expert physician recruiters have prepped thousands of physicians for successful interviews with their customized advice and knowledge. Find the consultant serving your specialty and message them today to get started.

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