Tips for Writing an Effective Physician Job Description: a Resource for Medical Employers

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You’ve created a physician job description including job responsibilities and a few community highlights; however, after posting it online you’ve yet to receive any applications. How do you craft a physician job description template that will have greater appeal to candidates than the physician jobs posted by your competitors?

Doctors engaged in a job search have likely read through dozens of physician job descriptions. They want to know the position basics, but what truly sells them on a practice is the finer details.

Consider incorporating the tips below when writing a physician job description:

Template for Writing the Description for a Physician Job

Highlighting the Practice Culture

  • What is the culture of the current team? Do they spend time together outside of work? Do they collaborate or work independently? A candidate wants to know they’re joining a team that coincides with their work preferences.
    Ex: “Collegial atmosphere where you can collaborate among a tight-knit team of neurologists and benefit from the support of NPs and PAs.” 
  • How many physicians are on staff? Some candidates want a smaller practice while others thrive on a larger team. Giving potential hires an idea of your practice size allows them to determine if the group is the right fit for them.
    Ex: “Join a clinic that has three Family Medicine physicians and fantastic mid-level support” 
  • Are there opportunities to mentor or be mentored? Physicians who are newer to the job force are able to blossom further under the guidance of a mentor. More seasoned candidates have substantial knowledge to share. No matter where a doctor is in their career, knowing these opportunities are available to them may help to seal a job deal.
    Ex: “Guide the brilliant medical students and residents from a large state university medical training program affiliation” or “Practice alongside an excellent senior surgeon” 
  • Do the existing physicians have their own subspeciality interests? Perhaps the candidate is interested in filling a niche that is currently missing for the practice or conversely, they’re interested in collaborating among like-minded physicians.
    Ex: “Be the only spine surgeon with this private orthopedic group that includes most orthopedic subspecialties” or “Join a small group of general neurologists with niche interests in epileptology” 
  • Have physicians relocated to join this practice? A candidate will take notice if other doctors have moved to work at your facility.
    Ex: “Diverse team comprised of surgeons from all over the globe” 
  • Will the physician be growing this practice or is it already well-established within the community? If it’s established, how long has it been supporting patients?
    Ex: “Group continues to set the region’s standard for Musculoskeletal care for the past 40 years” or “Build the hand surgery program you have always wanted to join”

Emphasizing Medical Facility Amenities

  • Does your facility offer any new or outstanding technology? Physicians love an opportunity to be on the cutting edge of their field.
    Ex: “AirMed, Telehealth and DaVinci Robotics” or “Access to top-notch surgery centers” 
  • Has your facility received any notable awards? A highly-regarded program is incredibly desirable to a physician seeking a job and sets you apart from the others. Don’t let your recognition go unnoticed!
    Ex: “Our unwavering dedication to the highest level of patient care has allowed our medical system to be consistently ranked among the best in the nation”

Featuring Unique Community Assets

  • Where a job is located obviously matters to a physician, but they can easily research the aspects of the community that matter to them with a quick click of the mouse. What memorable points can you highlight when promoting a job that goes beyond what one can find in a simple internet search?
    Ex: “Historic town of museums, galleries, and a restored 30s theater” 
  • Is your practice involved in additional community outreach? Beyond patient visits, how does this job or practice impact the community?
    Ex: “Our annual free health care screening day ensures that those in the most underserved communities are able to obtain the primary care they need”

While it can be helpful to review preexisting doctor job templates and competitor posts on physician job boards, it is important to incorporate distinctive elements in your job description. Beyond basic job duties and responsibilities, providing a clear idea of the practice’s work environment, staff culture, and facility amenities are simple and highly effective ways to differentiate your physician job description from the rest.

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