How to Accept a Physician Job Offer

A physician accepting a job offer from a practice or medical system


Congratulations! You’ve completed years of rigorous medical training, successfully navigated the competitive job market, and now find yourself holding a coveted job offer. While the excitement of this achievement is palpable, it’s essential to approach the acceptance process with careful consideration and strategic planning. Before you sign on the dotted line, follow these steps so you can sail through to the next exciting chapter of your career:

Thoroughly Review the Offer:

First, confirm the document is an employment contract and not an LOI. Carefully review the job offer and all accompanying documents, paying close attention to the terms of employment including salary, benefits, working hours, and any contractual obligations. Ensure that everything discussed during the interview process is accurately reflected in the offer. If there are any ambiguities or uncertainties, seek clarification from the hiring manager or as we often suggest, a medical contract lawyer. Physician contract lawyers carefully review physician employment offers and note any overly restrictive covenants, non-compete clauses, or other contractual obligations that deviate from the standard agreements they’ve reviewed. 

Negotiate with Confidence:

If certain aspects of the offer don’t align with your expectations or if you have specific needs, consider negotiating. Salary, benefits, signing bonuses, and work hours are all negotiable components but approach negotiations delicately and with a collaborative mindset. Don’t prolong the process too much and ask for reasonable terms that are a mutual win for both you and your future employer. 

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Communicate Professionally:

Once you and your lawyer are satisfied with the terms in the contract, promptly communicate your acceptance and express your gratitude for the opportunity. You should also inquire about the next steps to maintain the momentum of the process and convey your excitement for the new role. 

Notify Other Prospective Employers:

If you’ve been interviewing with multiple practices or medical systems, it’s professional courtesy to directly inform other prospective employers of your decision. Politely decline any outstanding offers and express appreciation for their time and consideration. This leaves a positive impression and maintains goodwill within the professional community. 

Onboarding Preparation:

Quickly provide any required documentation, complete any pre-employment assessments, and familiarize yourself with the organization’s policies and procedures. Proactive engagement in the onboarding process demonstrates your commitment to a smooth transition and indicates that you will be a responsible and dependable colleague once you begin practicing.