Finding a Great Practice is Hard Work

The job search can be hard work. It’s essential to find the right position – either a stepping stone for your career or a practice where you’ll be comfortable for the long haul.

Make a Match

Before you start your job search, spend time making sure you’re looking for the right job. If you’re not sure about what you’re looking for, look at your experiences so far. What were your strengths in training? Which of your skills have you had the opportunity to sharpen? What procedures were most interesting to you?

Access the Insider’s Network

Don’t just submit your CV to a job board; take it a step further and use a recruiter. Your recruiter will be able to refer you to the position and place you in direct contact with the organization’s decision-makers.

Interviewing Works Both Ways

It’s just as valuable for you to interview the employer as it is for them to interview you. Be prepared to have a list of questions of your own ready to ask. You want to make sure the practice is a great fit for you during the interview, rather than after you’ve started the job.

Make Sure the Job is a Good Fit

Carefully evaluate the job offer. Will it give you the work/life balance you need? Is the salary what you expected? If not, is negotiating a higher salary an option? Are there opportunities for advancement?

If there is anything about the job or the offer that is making you hesitate, get in touch with your recruiter. We can help you negotiate an agreement to make you and your future employer happy and ready to take the next step.


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