Search for Jobs the Easy Way

Stop searching for jobs the hard way!

Use St. John Associate’s expertise to find the right job with a targeted search and professional assistance.

  • Don’t waste your time comparing job boards; you’re entering into an unnecessary, and time-consuming process.
  • Many will require that you upload your CV, you quickly start receiving unsolicited calls for practices you have no interest in pursuing.
  • Often you never hear back from the practices you’re genuinely interested in considering.
  • Relying on job boards means you don’t hear about jobs as soon as they hit the market.


Using a recruiter who works exclusively in your market helps eliminate the job search stresses and gets your CV to a decision-maker.

At SJA, we help you navigate the complicated job search process. We have 27+ years of experience and knowledge to help find the position that’s best for you.

We listen to your specific needs, interest, and geographic preferences – YOU are the PRIORITY!

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