Why Choose SJA

St. John Associates has been providing comprehensive consultation and physician recruiting services for 30 years. We have assisted in thousands of physician placements. Our record of success is built on a foundation of trust. From interviewing candidates to contract negotiations, we partner with you to identify, vet, and secure the very best candidates for your organization. We work on a contingency basis, providing you with the very best service at a minimal cost to your organization.

Time and Money

Our singular focus is helping to match the right physician with the right job. A prolonged vacancy means lost revenue and growth. The average employer spends upwards of $90,000, with a prolonged vacancy reaching a staggering $500,000 or more. Our state-of-the-art database and decades of experience mean we can quickly identify candidates with the skills you require and have the certifications, licensure and background to be successful within your practice and community.


SJA has been among the top physician recruiting firms for 30 years. The physician recruiter who you work with today will likely be working with you 10 years from now. The quality connections our thoughtful and knowledgeable physician recruiters make is one reason medical practices of all sizes routinely choose us over larger firms.


Our physician recruiters are highly trained and entrenched in their markets. We are known for having the most knowledgeable physician recruiters in the business. Our diligence and thoroughness in identifying, interviewing, and presenting the best and most appropriate candidates for your physician searches is unmatched.

The SJA Physician Recruitment Process

Working with SJA is easy. We tailor our recruitment efforts based on your specific needs, providing you with candidates who are well suited to your practice and community. We learn about your facilities, your physicians, and support staff. We understand the educational and technical requirements of your physician search and focus our search on candidates who match those criteria. We extensively vet our candidates to ensure that they meet and exceed the requirements set forth in your physician recruitment requests.


Get the Data

We listen first. Through extensive interviews, we dig deep into your specific needs. The better we understand your practice and community, the better we can identify appropriate physician candidates.


Find the Candidates

Once we understand your needs, we begin the process of identifying physicians to consider. We manage one of the largest comprehensive databases in the country of physicians in training and/or currently in practice.


Vet the Candidates

We extensively interview our candidates to ensure their interests and skills align with your practice needs. Once vetted, we submit a full profile and CV for each physician outlining their skills, interests and background.


Professional Preparation

We help our candidates put their best foot forward. From CV refinement, interview techniques, site-visit preparation to logistical check-lists, our candidates are prepared to interview. They are ready to make a great impression on you and your team.


Contract Closing

Our physician recruiters are highly skilled in contract negotiations and mediation. Our goal is to keep the lines of communication open, and help you get a candidate to “Yes”.

Let’s Connect

We’re here for you! How can we help? Call, email, or submit your question or request here and we’ll get back with you promptly. We look forward to connecting with you!

Call Us: 800.737.2001
Email Us: jobs@stjohnjobs.com

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