What SJA Can Do for Your Job Search

Job searches are complicated. Whether you’re looking for yourself or trying to find the right place for your whole family, our team understands that each physician’s journey is as unique as their fingerprints. The path to where you want to be is not always clear. Job searching requires a lot of time and energy. It can feel impossible to manage it all. Our experienced physician recruiters are here for this reason – to jump start your job search and provide you with practice options that make sense for your training and preferences.


The SJA Process

Are you continuously hitting refresh on physician job boards? Are friends in your network telling you they’ll keep you in mind, but are not currently hiring for your specialty? Have you spent hours working on an application only to receive no call back?


Whichever obstacles you’re facing, YOU can streamline your job search by working with an SJA Physician Recruiter.


Here’s what we offer job-searching physicians:



1. Personal Consultation

All SJA consultants will want to talk with you to get your job search started. During the initial conversation, we ask questions and take notes about what you’re looking for. It’s helpful for us to know about the skills you bring to the table and who you are as a person. We manage our medical specialty and subspecialty divisions nationally, so you’ll work with the same consultant from start to finish, even if your geographic preferences shift. Connect with the consultant who manages your specialty.


2. CV Presentation

The physician recruiters at SJA serve as connectors, interview coaches, and advocates for you throughout the hiring process. We are knowledgeable about market trends and can send you customized job options that meet your requirements. Using information from our consultation and your up-to-date CV, we build a profile highlighting the skills and strengths that set you apart from other candidates. We identify practice matches and present your profile and CV to the employers you’re interested in.


3. Resources & Support

We want to make sure you are confident and prepared to make the best first impression. This can include suggestions to improve your CV, interview tips for phone/virtual/on-site meetings, as well as other considerations such as the state of the market, job search timeline, or requirements for your family to name a few. No question is too big or small. Do not hesitate to reach out to your physician recruiter when new questions cross your mind. We post hot topics on our blog monthly and have physician resources on our website.


4. Network Access

We do our best to get as many jobs posted to our website as possible. Keep in mind, new jobs cross our desks daily. To hear about new options as soon as they become available, sign up for automatic job updates for your specialty and targeted geographic area.


In addition to the job listings on our website, we’re always able to reach out to our extensive network of over 27k+ private practices, medical centers, academic institutions, and children’s hospitals on your behalf.



5. Communication & Feedback

Throughout the process, open honest communication and feedback are essential. Detailed communication from you allows us to maximize and target our efforts, waste less time on jobs that aren’t a fit for you, and advocate for you until you sign a contract. Our services are free to physician job-seekers.


If you’re happy with the work we’ve done for you, the best compliment you can give us is a referral. We welcome the opportunity to assist your colleagues or friends. We always appreciate you recommending our firm.


Despite the COVID-19 global pandemic, our team proudly placed over 100 physicians into full-time jobs in 2020. We’d love for you to be the next physician who signs with their ideal practice. Learn more about St. John Associates, a leading physician recruitment firm for 30+ years. We look forward to hearing from you!



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