Advice for Medical Employers to Help With Recruiting Physicians


Have you reviewed your physician recruiting strategy recently? Appealing to the most attractive physician candidates in a competitive healthcare industry challenged by a preexisting physician shortage is tough. Consider incorporating these recruitment and retainment tactics as you revise your future team-building plans:

Understanding a candidate’s professional and personal needs

When speaking with prospective physician candidates, ensure you ask meaningful questions that will lead to learning their personal and professional goals. Understanding these needs will help indicate if they’re a good fit for your practice and will inform how you can maintain their talent in the long term.

  • How do they want to grow their career?
  • Do they want mentorship or leadership opportunities?
  • What motivates them?
  • Are they bringing a family with them and if so, what are their needs?

Offering transparency

Share compensation and other significant figures pertaining to the compensation package early in the interview process. Consider having a sample term sheet or sample LOI (Letter of Intent) in front of your candidate during their site visit. By being forthcoming with these details, you will quickly weed out physician candidates who are unlikely to take the position and create an environment of trust and respect. In the competitive physician employment space that exists today, pay transparency goes a long way.

Competitive compensation and benefits

When recruiting physicians, research what your local competitors offer and the regional figures reported for the position on MGMA. Most physicians report that compensation is their reason for leaving their job so ensure your offer is competitive and appealing by including the other various benefits that you provide such as CME, education loan repayment, relocation payment, or malpractice. Physician Recruiters can consult with you on making your compensation package appropriate and enticing for candidates.

Host a highly organized site visit

As a key component in the interview process, preparing a thoughtful onsite visit is crucial. Not only is the physician interviewing for the position but conversely, they are interviewing your staff and your greater community. Standardizing your checklist for onsite visits will ensure that every detail is planned and the visit will run smoothly, impressing any candidate.

Maintain consistent communication

Keep the lines of communication open to ensure that the candidate knows you are interested. Physician Recruiters can offer a lot of assistance with this task, as regular work projects can easily slow the progress in the hiring process.

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