30 of the Best U.S. Cities for Physicians to Work and Practice in 2023

Whether you’re a seasoned practicing physician or you’re coming out of residency or fellowship, you might be curious about where your peers are flocking to these days. We surveyed some of our expert consultants and asked, “what are the current top cities for physicians?” The criteria included places often requested by their candidates, locations that generally have high job availability, quality of life, cost of living, and more. While answers varied slightly by specialty, there were certainly many cities that were repeat favorites of our physicians.

In celebration of our 30th year of matching physicians with healthcare employers, in no particular order here are 30 of the best cities for physicians to live and work in the U.S. in 2023:



1) Raleigh

2) Durham

3) Chapel Hill

Located in the Piedmont region of North Carolina, the Research Triangle gets its name for housing three prominent research universities. Of course, this is the perfect setting for physicians who wish to remain in academia and teach residents and fellows. Beyond that, it has proximity to beaches and mountains, affordable cost of living, and a temperate year-round climate which makes it appealing to most physicians on the hunt for a job.

4) Charlotte, NC – While not a part of the Triangle, Charlotte has also seen a surge in popularity. As one of the fastest-growing metros in the US with a population of over 2 million, there’s plenty of volume- even in the outer suburbs.

5) Atlanta, GA – The ATL is diverse with a booming economy and rich history. It also has some of the most prestigious medical and research hospitals in the state. Like Charlotte, it is experiencing a huge surge in growth and is also one of the fastest growing metros in the nation.

6) Augusta, GA – If you’re into the warm Georgia climate but not partial to metro hustle and bustle, Augusta is a great option. There’s a high doctor to patient rate which ensures you will have a very manageable schedule. Golf fans will also recognize it as the home of the Masters Tournament.

7) Phoenix, AZ – If the thought of little to no rain and year-round sun is up your alley then Phoenix might be the best place for you. The abundant retiree population ensures any physician will have a consistent patient volume but it also is a growing spot for young professionals with a penchant for the outdoors.


8) Vero Beach

9) Tampa

Florida has the highest percentage of senior populations in the country which means that healthcare is in high demand. Couple that with a warm climate and lower taxes and it’s easy to see why it appeals to doctors. Vero Beach is a great option for those seeking a smaller town with more peace and quiet. Tampa, on the other hand, is better if you’re looking for more excitement and a younger crowd. Both are beautiful options along the coast- you can’t go wrong!

10) Hartford, CT – Hartford and its many suburbs are a very solid choice for those craving an east coast life. Their proximity to other large cities like Boston and New York City (without their prices) make exciting weekend travel easy to come by and their quality of life consistently ranks among the top in the country.

11) Knoxville, TN – While many have flocked to Nashville, others are discovering that the rest of the state also has plenty to offer. Knoxville offers the amenities of a larger town while also being the gateway to the beautiful Smoky Mountains. Home costs are lower than the national average and the area’s population has become more diverse over the past several years, greatly influencing the local culture.

12) Oak Hill, TN – Oak Hill boasts a small-town environment in the suburbs of ever-popular Nashville. Their housing options are pretty diverse, ranging from small cute cottages to large mansions overlooking the rolling hills.


13) Dallas

14) Houston

15) San Antonio

The Texas Triangle is home to the majority of Texas residents and is a rare megaregion in the United States. Dallas has a growing population with a median age of 38, and their hospitals have access to great cutting-edge technology. Houston’s population continues to explode, growing nearly 10% in the last 10 years and the medical industry continues to be a core component of their economy. San Antonio has a large availability of housing and land options and is a nice option for those wanting something smaller than Houston. Texas overall has a low malpractice percentage and no income tax.

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16) Washington, D.C. – An absolute abundance of history and museums live in D.C. along with world-class eateries and sports. Though you’re smack in the middle of a large metro, you’re never far from greenspace and their parks are rated among the best in the country. It’s no wonder many are curious about the nation’s capital.

17) Northern Virginia, VA – “NoVa” as it is known to the locals is a great alternative to D.C. if you’re wanting to avoid that high cost of living. NoVa has one of the highest median incomes in the country, is racially and ethnically diverse, and its schools are regarded as top-notch.

18) Virginia Beach, VA – Coastal living with a lovely year-round climate? Sign us up! The city offers plenty of outdoor recreation including state parks and wildlife refuges. VB is also a great balance between small town and big city for those wanting plenty of options for activities without the density and traffic jams. Did we mention it’s also super pet-friendly?

19) Charleston, SC – The Holy City has many renowned hospitals and medical centers that rank among the best in the nation. They also boast a heavy focus on medical research and a thriving community health scene. Furthermore, this is a fantastic destination for foodies as their culinary offerings are some of the best in the country. Once you’re done with work for the day, hop on over to the beach to relax.

20) Langhorne, PA – This charming borough in the Philadelphia suburbs is far more affordable than living in the city and is just a short drive from Trenton. Follow the tree-lined streets, quaint alleys, and door-yard gardens to learn more about this charming national historic district.

21) Gulf Shores, AL – Gulf Shores is often recognized among the best beach towns in the country. Whether you’re planning to retire or start a family, the area offers many attractions including a zoo, the wharf, and of course the beach. In addition, a beautiful new 24/7 emergency medical facility just opened last year.


22) Montclair

23) Pomona

California never ceases to be a top desired location and it’s easy to see why: mild climate with consistent weather, outdoor activities galore, diverse communities, spectacular dining options, and more. The Montclair – Pomona Valley is part of the Greater Los Angeles metropolitan area and is popular among young professionals and young families.

24) Boston, MA – World-class healthcare and education is a staple of Boston, where hospitals and doctors are consistently ranked at the top. Bean town also bears a rich history, is very walkable, and always has a host of activities to keep the family busy.

25) Chicago, IL – The Windy City has a lot to offer: great educational opportunities, diverse populations, great sports, and outstanding hospitals and healthcare facilities. If living in the hustle and bustle of downtown isn’t your preference, their sprawling suburbs include affluent communities and lovely lakeside adventures.


26) Davenport

27) Bettendorf

28) Rock Island

29) Moline

One of the lowest costs of living in the country, nationally-ranked schools, easy commutes, and activities along the Mississippi River are some of the reasons why many are flocking to the Quad Cities. The collection of cities offers a spectrum of lifestyle options and the International airport in Moline makes travel easy.

30) BEST KEPT SECRET: Wilmington, DE

It might be the second smallest state in the nation but Delaware certainly isn’t short on opportunities. Our consultants named it the best-kept secret in the country- with easy access to Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC, scenic coastal surroundings, and low taxes, it’s no wonder that many teledocs have relocated to the First State. It is full of history, fresh seafood, an annual free summer jazz festival, abundant biking, and more.



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