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Your career is about more than a CV – it’s about your goals, your priorities, your hopes, and your values. Our proven track record of success is built on a foundation of trust. Since 1991, we have helped thousands of physicians successfully navigate their careers using a targeted and specialized approach.

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Access to the Best Jobs

Our integrity fosters loyal relationships with some of the finest medical centers, private practice groups, and academic institutions in the country. Those trusted relationships mean we are often aware of the best physician jobs as they develop, even before they are posted on professional job boards or in medical journals.

Sort Out Your Priorities

Our physician recruiters are highly skilled at asking the right questions to help you identify your priorities. Compensation, location, practice, and lifestyle are all important considerations as you approach the job market. We will help you sort through the options available based on what matters most to you.

Market Review

We tailor our review of the physician job market specific to your priorities, so you can focus on securing your ideal job. We prioritize quality over quantity, filtering out jobs that don’t match your search criteria. You can choose from the options that best meet your needs.

Professional Preparation

We provide a full range of services to guide physicians through a successful job search. From choosing the right time to start your search to conducting meaningful interviews, your SJA physician recruiter will be there to share the wisdom we have gained through our 32 years of experience in physician recruiting.

Counsel on Closing the Deal

How can you get what you want in the final deal? Our physician recruiters will counsel you during the negotiations and contract process. We know the most effective ways to ask for what you want, maintain goodwill during negotiations, and work with attorneys during contract review. We will be with you all the way through this final stage of your search.

The Process

Our process has been developed over 32 years of successful physician recruiting. With thousands of success stories to draw from, our physician recruiters know the best way to approach each specific search to keep their focus on your priorities. When you choose to work with a physician recruiter at St. John Associates, you can expect the highest integrity and commitment to finding the right job for your unique needs.


Connect with Your Specialty Consultant

The expert physician recruiters at St. John Associates will help you find the practice that is best for you. Connect with our consultants through phone, email, or text. You can also control your job search through our website, by setting up a profile and signing up for job notifications. We are efficient in our communications to be respectful of your busy schedules.


Customized Practice Search

We listen to your professional and personal interests and needs, including location, clinical skills, practice style, desired lifestyle, and religious, cultural, and recreational amenities. We discuss practice opportunities to meet your unique goals and perform market searches to locate additional practices specifically for you.


Make Connections to Decision Makers

When you work with the physician recruiters at SJA, you gain access to our large network of medical practices across the country. We contact employers on your behalf to find rewarding positions to grow your most meaningful career. Once you’ve found a practice you want to pursue, we are able to get your information directly to the decision-makers at the practice, giving you an advantage over other applicants.


Interview Preparation

The path to success in the interview stage is not always intuitive. We coach you through the entire process, from telephone interviews to site visits. We help you present the best version of yourself at every step in the process so you can stand out from all the other candidates being considered for the job.


Contract Expertise

Our goal at the contract negotiation stage is to keep the lines of communication open. We will help you navigate the contract stage to help you sign the contract you deserve. We want to make sure you end up in a practice that meets you needs.

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