Virtual Interview Tips

We have seen a significant increase in virtual interviews this year. Our team has put together a list of best practices to ensure you’re confident and prepared to shine online.


  1. Identify an area for your interview. This should be a neutral area free of visual clutter or distracting noises.
  2. Test and charge your equipment ahead of time. This includes the software, microphones, webcams, and your computer or mobile device.
  3. Connect on time. Check your Wi-Fi and log-in instructions early to ensure you’re online, have a meeting link, and that you don’t cause a delay in the start time.
  4. Dress the part. Wear the same attire you’d select for an on-site interview.
  5. Show genuine enthusiasm! Bring the same level of energy you have in-person to your online interview.
  6. Make eye contact, have good posture. Even if you are new to virtual interviews you can still demonstrate strong communication skills by being engaged the entire meeting and by ensuring your face and shoulders stay centered in the video. Remember to minimize chair spinning, filler words, or fidgeting.
  7. Verify that your interviewer has an up-to-date copy of your CV. Have an emailable PDF of your CV at your fingertips. Review your CV prior and have it handy for reference.
  8. Prepare good questions. Know who you’re interviewing with beforehand (name, title, etc.), so you can ask relevant, thoughtful questions. Good questions are open-ended and allow you to discover if this opportunity is a good mutual fit. Bonus points if they allow you to highlight special skills and training you have and/or how your commitment to medicine aligns with the mission and goals of the practice.


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