Kim Jarrett's Journey to SJA

Interesting how life flows. In practically the moment I found myself open and desiring to land a new position, I became intense about helping others find a new great fitting job.

After years in the same profession, feeling quite fulfilled, I was suddenly ready for a new adventure.  I met with a very successful businessman, known to be well connected in the community, who was generous enough to spend a few minutes with me asking questions and sharing what opportunities may be available in the area.  I didn’t really know exactly where my skills and strengths could best be used next, but just a short way into our conversation, the man picked up his phone and managed to schedule an interview for me that very afternoon with a fantastic CEO running certainly one of the best physician recruiting firms in the nation, St. John Associates.

Meeting CEO Ann St. John, I instantly wanted to work for her.  Her ethical and deeply compassionate character, her passion for excellence and the next best tools of the trade, her inclusive nature and overall strong values, spark, and vision for success for everyone involved sold me in a matter of minutes. This was a company culture with which both I resonated and could be proud to represent.

The man I met was a nationally renowned and very successful retired physician recruiter, who had since developed a powerfully comprehensive training program for St. John Associates.  We are some of the best trained recruiters available with access to one of the largest data bases in the country of physicians and medical organizations.

St. John Associates, SJA, only works in 11 specialties, affording each recruiter to be deep in our perspective markets.  I solely place psychiatrists, currently practicing or coming out of training, and have become very knowledgeable in my field, the services I provide, and the national opportunities I represent.

And I use the same skills the man used with me in that meeting the day I landed a position at SJA.  I am kind and compassionate, skilled in listening and effective in interviewing, knowledgeable, decisive and diligent, therefore able to offer helpful guidance in clear alliance with my values and goals in making great matches, creating win/win scenarios and being passionate about being successful.  I develop relationships and work hard for my physicians and to serve my Employers searching for quality candidates that match their values and culture.

Ann St. John’s talented and well-experienced husband of many years, Michael May, is the man I met that day who recruited me for SJA. He created the premiere recruiting training program and currently continues to push forward the best practices in national physician recruiting.

I am proud and adoring of my company and its tremendous success and phenomenal leadership of close to 30 years. I am proud of my excellent colleagues. And I am proud of my training, skill, character, and competence in physician recruiting placing psychiatrists across the country in some of the best medical organizations in the world.

Some Specific Skills I Use in Physician Recruiting:

  • Well trained in Consulting/Educating/Interviewing/Researching/Managing Data
  • Excellent Mediation Skills with Contracts & Resolving Conflicts
  • Sensitivity & Competence Working with Diverse Populations
  • Strong Social Skills, Positive & Warm Personality
  • Strong Work & Moral Ethic, Collaborative & Service Oriented
  • Strong Verbal/Written Communications Skills
  • Creative Skills in Developing Weekly National Marketings & Recruiting Campaigns
  • Proficient Using the Salesforce Platform & MS Office Suite

Kim Jarrett
Psychiatry Division
800.737.2001 ext. 236